Ella Roberts, The Interview

Hello everybody, today we’ve got the great pleasure to interview Ella Roberts,

La prima domanda è di uno dei nostri followers, Guido, ” Essendo nata in Australia, ma da radici celtiche, come è avvenuto l’incontro con la musica tradizionale, quale è il brano a cui è più legata e perché?”

Thanks Guido for the question.

I have both Irish and Scottish ancestors and when I was only five years old I didn’t really know that, but I saw the Irish Dancing show, “Riverdance” on television and completely fell in love.

It wasn’t just the phenomenal Irish dancing that had me hooked – it was also the story but most importantly, the music, composed by the amazing Bill Whelan. It struck a chord with my five-year-old self and the rest was history. Then later, I found out one of my ancestors was an Irish Dance Master from Tyrone and had been shipped off to Australia for being involved in rebellion against the English.

As for the Scottish connections - one of the main reasons I chose to cover the old traditional Scottish song “The Skye Boat Song” was because of my family’s connection to Flora MacDonald – who is mentioned in the song. Flora MacDonald disguised Bonnie Prince Charlie as a woman and helped him to escape the English over to the Isle of Skye on the west coast of Scotland.

You are going to Highland Saga when the emergency will end, are you planning an European tour?

I am very excited for the Highland Saga Show! I must say, singing with a hundred musicians (many being Highland Pipers) is just such a phenomenal feeling! When those pipes play it just hits me!

I do hope to do a European tour very soon. It is hard to say what will happen at the moment, but as soon as the world recovers, the planning stage can begin!

When you were a child, which was your dream?

When I was about three years old, I used to sing and dance around the house and write little stories (albeit phonetically spelt) and stick them up on the walls. My dream has always been to sing, dance, act and write – and whilst I did have a good ten-year break from it all – once I rediscovered my passion I knew that no matter what challenges and obstacles I faced, I had to follow that dream.

How and when did you realized you’ve a so magic inner world?

One of my earliest memories is from when I was about three years old, and my father would tell epic fantasy tales and would make them interactive. He asked my two older brothers which one magical item they would have to aid them in their quest. My eldest brother said he would have a magic sword, my second oldest brother said he would have a magic bow – and I, being only three years old, thought…. well they have all the magic items! So my father (who has a good solid beard) said, “it’s okay Ella, just think, what else might your magical item be?”
The pressure was on, especially with two impatient boys nagging me to get on with it. So I said, whilst staring at my father, “My magic item is a Magic Nose-beard!” And I don’t think the story continued after that because everyone was too busy laughing!

I think growing up, my family helped nurture that magic inner world with books and stories, and for me, Celtic music seems to take me to some of those magical places.

Is there something you'd like to tell to Musica Celtica followers? Thank you so much for the interview!

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